Habiba Msika ( La danse du feu ) poster
120 min 1995 Fiction , musical , Biography

Habiba Msika ( La danse du feu )

Free and a multi-talented artist, Habiba Msika was one of the brightest stars of her time, the twenties. Inspired by the real-life of the artist, the film evokes the last years from 1927.
 Punctuated by the jolts of a changing time, this tumultuous stage in Habiba Msika's life was branded by the love that Mimoun, a wealthy landowner, and Chedly a young poet from a good family, both dedicated to her. In Berlin, during a triumphant tour, she meets the oriental music star, the Iraqi Baghdadi, and is introduced to Parisian life by Peter, and a dandy of disconcerting charm. Back in Tunis, Habiba Msika's life is carried away by the frenetic whirlwind of success, controversies, and thwarted passions until the final tragedy of her death.




Direction and Production

Salma Baccar
Salma Baccar

Salma Baccar

She studied film at the French Film Institute and then worked for Tunisian television and as an assistant director on the set of several feature films. During her profess...

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