Ali Abidi

Producer | Director


Director Ali Abidi was born in Redeyef on February 10, 1950. He holds a master's degree in film making in Bucharest. Teacher at Tunisian universities since 1981 in aesthetics, cinematographic writing and analysis of dramatic texts. He is the author of two books: "Writings on criticism and Tunisian theater" in 1992 and: "Regard ... or the quest for the hidden soul" in 2004. And in manuscript: a study on literature and cinema entitled: " From word to image ”. His filmography includes four short films: “History of History” 1982, “Letter to Béchir Khraief” 1986, “Cinema of Kelibia, or alternative cinema” 1986 and “Kan ma kan” in 1992. He is in his fourth year. feature film after: "Barg Ellil" 1990, "Redeyef 54" 1997 and: "Ellombara", in 2007.

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