Rafik Omrani



Rafik Omrani, a diirector and film editor who based iin Tunisia. He began his career with marketing and communication oriented scholarship, then accumulated experience in fiction, documentary and short animation filmmaking in parallel with his work as financial director. In 2011, he decided to devote himself entirely to cinema. FALLEGA 2011, his first medium-length documentary film, was shown at numerous international festivals, demonstrations and art institutions around the world, and won five awards including the First Work Award from the the Tetouan International Mediterranean Film Festival and the Osman Sanban Award from the Festival of African Cinema in Marseille. WHITE DOVES, his first feature-length documentary, was produced in 2016. Omrani has produced a number of documentaries for television and for the benefit of many Tunisian and international organisations. In 2012, he was elected a member of the executive board of the Association of Tunisian Filmmakers.

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