Ghazi Ghazouani



Ghazi Ghazouani studied arts, design and communication. After graduating, he completed several film courses in Canada and a master's degree in arts and sociology at the University of Quebec. He first worked in communication agencies as a copywriter, then DOP, electro and editor on several films, to finally become a director. He has had several distinctions in his career, best film HEC Montreal and best image in his school film. He is also a professional photographer in Canada. After this rich experience abroad, he decided to return to Tunisia to open his production company Gprod and make his own films. He begun to create a network and very quickly he understood that he had to advertise to be able to live, then he produces a short film, and some documentaries such as the film “Lila Kalba” by director Emna Bouyahya and the film “Le Gardien des Mondes” by Algerian director Leila Chaiibi to finally launch into fiction with “La Fuite”, his first feature film as a producer.

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