Wided Zoghlami



Wided Zoghlami is a Tuniso-Belgian director born in Tunis. After studying cinema at the Ecole des Arts et du Cinéma (EDAC) – Tunis, she continued her studies at the Ecole Internationale de Création Audiovisuelle et de Réalisation (EICAR) – Paris. She directed: «Presque un plaisir», a short film that will take part in several festivals. In 2016, Wided took a closer interest in directing by joining the National Theatre School of Tunis, under the direction of Fadhel Jaïbi. In 2017, she resumed filming Fathallah TV, her first feature-length documentary, ten years after the first clap. Fathallah was released in Tunisia in September 2020, he also participated in a dozen international festivals and won several awards.


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  • Fathallah TV, 10 years and a revolution later
    Fathallah TV, 10 years and a revolution later

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