Mohamed Tawfik Safsafi



Graduate of the School of Arts and Cinema (EDAC) 2011 Level of training: technician assistant film director. experience: -1997 to 2007. Courses in the art of comedy from Participation in theatrical productions (in joy empty, waiting, a dream, King Lear, laughter) -2011. Realization of two school fiction film "friendships and turned off the light" -Participation in the film "Tunisia vote" directed by "Hichem Ben Ammar," as assistant director - 2011-2012. Participation in the film fiction feature film "A Thousand Leaves" directed by Nouri Bouzid, as an assistant casting, as an assistant camera and as an actor. -2012 Participation in the movie "Alpha, like gold," directed by Hichem Ben Ammar---as an assistant director. -2013 Director of the documentary "Oukoudouna” '26'. -2015 Director of the documentary “A story of survival”.26’ -2019 Director of the Documentary Stones breakers 65’ produced by Amilcar Films

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