Ghassen Ayari



Ghassen Ayari is a movie director and a human rights activist in Tunisia with a bachelor’s degree in movie direction and Master of Art degree in audiovisual production. Former fellow to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva (OHCHR) and the current Public Relations and Partnership officer of the Attalaki for Freedom and Equality NGO in Tunisia. His fields of interest are Human rights, cinematography, politics and diplomacy. He released three short movies, “L’attente” (2018), “Enfants d’Eve exiles - (2019) and “TRIFET” (2021). He is also the producer and director of many spots and documentaries diffused on social media by multiple NGO’s as “Tunisia unites us” and “Pilgrims in Tunis' '. Ghassen also worked as an Assistant Director in some short movies such as “TRINOU” (2021) and “A Show Of Hands' ' (2019). He initiated and directed the “Stay Home, le cinema chez vous”, an initiative that was very successful on the “Artify platform” during the first lookdown in Tunisia.

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