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82 min 2018 Plays

30 ans déjà

In another novel, some of what our imagination has overlooked in anticipating what might happen when delusion or boredom overwhelms us ... and we make an unbearable mixture of their ambiguity and our hallucinations ... and we despair of seeing the simple / complex reality one day without a magnifying device or ... we get inspired Poetry without the noise of the loudspeaker .. We take from here and put there ... Take from our bewilderment and put in their timing ... We steal from the flames of doubt something for this unending perilous intuition ... We turn the constant into dust and the facts into their stifling and primitive image ... and the frightening .. It is the art of the possible in the society of the impossible ... and the art of irony in the country of wailing ... and a cruel gift to all that we love
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Direction and Production

Taoufik Jebali
Taoufik Jebali

Taoufik Jebali

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