Mouhamed arbi (jaackoou). A person so versatile that we can define him as a Tunisian comedian, rapper, slammer and dancer. He was able to hang the second title at the Nescafé comedy show edition 2018, And he made an appearance as a comedian at Jaafer Guesmi's show "3 in 1" with a total of 90 shows all over Tunisia. He not only played an important role in several Tunisian television programs such as "Omour Jedia" "Dima Labes" at AttesiaTV and El-Hiwar-Tounsi, but also he is a scriptwriter of Omour Jediya, stand up comedy a fekret sami el fehri and Chronicle in Idhaaak Maaan. This young artist has combined art and community life through his "Founoun" foundation, which helps develop the artistic sense of children.

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