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79 min 2021 Drama


Tunis, 2019. Chafroud is a car shelter guard in the Lafayette district, where a few Tunisian Jews still reside. He relives painful memories, linked to impossible loves... At the same time, the political situation in the country is experiencing major developments, echoes of which reach him confusedly… The man embarks on a journey into the country's past, where he brings to the surface some of the most tense moments, such as the departure of the Jews from North Africa to Israel, the difficulties heralding the failure of the country’s socialist experiment, carried out in the agrarian field in Tunisia, paralleling the defeat of the Arab armies against Israel in June 1967 …




Direction and Production

Habib Mestiri
Habib Mestiri

Habib Mestiri

Born in Chebba on July 06, 1959, is a director. He joined the Club des Cinéastes Amateurs de Chebba in 1977 where he directed his first short film "The return of the fish...

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