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102 min 2018 Drama


"Tunisia 2013. Brahim Nadhour, is a tunisian who lives in France, he gets back to Tunis to bury his son who died in a motorcycle accident. Since the divorce of his parents, the young Marouane who’s a fine arts student, had stayed with his mother Lobna, a non-religious mother who lives under police protection. After the burial, Brahim gets to know that the missing had left the family home to settle in a popular area of the capital. He goes to the studio where his son used to live and finds religious propaganda books. The imam of neighborhood's mosque confirms that Marouane used to be one of his faithful attendee. Brahim inquires about his son’s connections and realizes that he had joined a Salafist cell that had taken control of the neighborhood. He decides to take his investigation further to find out the reasons behind his son’s radicalization and identify the ones who indoctrinated him. Gradually, he calls into question the circumstances of his son’s death."




Direction and Production

Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud
Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud

Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud

Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud is a Tunisian-Belgian screenwriter and director. He has to his credit several feature films and a dozen documentaries. “Traversées” or Crossing Over(1...

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