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89 min 1996 Drama

A Summer in La Goulette

During the summer of 1966, on the eve of the Six Day War, Youssef the Muslim, controller on the TGM, Jojo the Jew, king of brik with the egg, and Giuseppe the Catholic, Sicilian fisherman, live with their family in the same building that is the property of the Beji Hajj. The three men are inseparable outside of work, their families live in good neighborhood and share a nonchalant happiness in the small port village of La Goulette in the suburbs of Tunis. Until the day each of their daughters, Meriem the Muslim, Gigi the Jewish and Tina the Catholic, inseparable as their fathers, decide to lose their virginity before August 15 with a boy of another religion than theirs. The first attempt, the wedding day of Jojo's eldest daughter, comes to a halt as a result of the intervention of the alert fathers. When the film ends, the Six Day War begins and breaks this harmony between the communities.




Direction and Production

Ferid Boughedir
Ferid Boughedir

Ferid Boughedir

Journalist at Jeune Afrique magazine since 1971, Férid Boughedir is professor of cinema at the University of Tunis. He first became known as a film critic through his wor...

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